Foot massageReflexology is both effective and powerful and never ceases to amaze me.  It is beneficial and enjoyable for almost everyone and it works well alongside conventional medicine. I am specially trained to work with pre-conception, fertility and pregnancy issues.  You do not have to be unwell to enjoy the deep relaxation and sense of wellbeing that it induces.  It is a wonderful way to detox, de-stress and boost energy levels.


With regular preventative treatments you are not only giving yourself valuable “you” time, but you are investing in a life time of good health.


What is reflexology?

The art of reflexology dates back to Ancient Egypt, India and China.  In 1913 Dr William Fitzgerald brought this therapy to the west after noting that reflex areas on the feet and hands were linked to other areas and organs of the body.  Eunice Ingham develped this further into what we know as reflexology  today and it is now widely recognised by health care professionals as being both effective and valuable.  It is a natural and simple therapy which helps your body heal itself.  To stimulate healing, massage techniques and pressure is applied to these reflex areas of the feet or hands.  This brings your body into balance and promotes good health.


What conditions may it help?

Stress (75% of illness is estimated to be stress related)


Sleep problems

Bowel disorders




PMT, PMS and fertility

Back pain, stiff neck, frozen shoulder

Headaches and migraine



Conditions involving poor cardiovascular or lymphatic circulation

Sinus problems


What benefits can I expect?

By helping to relax muscles, by encouraging the process of circulation and the elimination of toxins, and by stimulating the production of natural chemicals in the brain, reflexology can ease pain, increase energy levels,boost the immune system and help prevent disease.  You will find improvements occurring in many areas of your life.  You will have a feeling of positive wellbeing, handle stress much better, sleep more soundly, gain mental alertness and generally enjoy life more.



Corporate Reflexology

Many organisations are keen to have a Stress Management and Wellbeing programme in place for their staff, into which reflexology can easily be incorporated.  In brief, Corporate Reflexology is Reflexology treatment given in the workplace for the benefit of both the employer and employee. Every company small or large requires the best team of employees to succeed. It is the aim of most companies to deliver increasing profitability which can best be achieved with a happy, healthy workforce. Corporate Reflexology could have a direct positive impact on a company’s employees and therefore on its success.

Corporate Reflexology is specifically designed to improve and maintain the health, fitness and wellbeing of a company’s workforce. By doing so this will have a direct impact on important KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) such as absence levels, employee turnover and employee performance, all of which have a large financial impact on a business and thus its profitability.


How may reflexology help your business?


  • Decreases absence levels and employee turnover.
  • Saves money, and thereby improves profitability.
  • Increases productivity.
  • Improves concentration, efficiency and accuracy.
  • Improves employee moral.
  • Enhances company reputation within the workforce. Many well known businesses that use Corporate Reflexology. The role of reflexology in preventative healthcare is becoming more widely acknowledged. An increasing number of companies including Barclays, Marks & Spencer, BT, Freeserve, Grattons, Freemans and BUPA are now working in partnership with reflexologists to actively improve and maintain the health of their workforce.



Examples of Reflexology Research Studies in the Corporate Environment.


A number of overseas countries have been addressing the problem of stress in the workplace for several years. In Denmark for instance Occupational Health Services have worked closely with employers to develop a flexible approach involving complementary therapies, particularly reflexology. The results have been impressive.Odense Post Office (Denmark) has employed a full time refloxologist since 1990, the results were a 13.3% reduction in sickness and absenteeism which produced savings of around £100,000 for the business.Ishoj Municipal Health Department (Denmark) recorded 2500 fewer sick hours over a six month period where employess received regular reflexology treatment. This produced savings of around £21,400 for the business.In the UK the Danish examples are now being followed by large and small businesses and organisations of all kinds including City and Borough Councils, Schools, Hospitals and Football Teams.


Treatment Programmes

You can choose to have these treatments provided as an ongoing service (for example: weekly, fortnightly or monthly); or as a one-off event such as a reward for hitting performance targets, for staff motivation or a team building event.

The company may wish to cover the whole price of the treatment or a percentage


Employees on Long Term Sick Leave

Where any business has any employee or employees who are on long term sick leave with issues such as stress, depression, anxiety, chronic back pain, episodes of severe migraine, or chronic fatigue symdrome; a course of treatment can be given to those employees in their own homes to aid their recovery and speed their return to work.


Does my private healthcare cover reflexology?

Some do.  You will need to check with your provider.  Some cover massage (ie. Sovereign Healthcare, Groupama Healthcare, Pruhealth, Simply Health formally known as HSA)and allow reflexology under this benefit.  Please also find out what documentation you need from me.


Reflexology should not be used as an alternative to seeking medical advice.