Prepare for Birth Session

Don’t wing it on the big day!

How much time have you spent focusing on your pregnancy and the birth of your baby?  Most mums spend way more time, energy and money planning their wedding.  Perhaps you are thinking,  “Well birth has to happen, I’ll try not to think about it and hope for the best when the time comes”?  Reality check.. You are bringing a new life into the world!  These are the most important days of your life and your baby deserves a safe and positive development & welcome!

Preparing mentally and physically is essential for a good pregnancy and childbirth.  Take some time out to think about how you can best nurture your baby, how to  get yourself ready for childbirth and pay special attention to choose the right place to birth your baby.  Where will you feel comfortable and cared for?

The Prepare for Birth Session is tailored to your particular needs.  Pregnancy and of course birth is a very special time and one to be enjoyed and celebrated.

Face your fears!

For a good pregnancy and birth it is essential that you identify your doubts and fears surrounding pregnancy, birth and motherhood and learn how to release them.  The right minsdet is not only important for your own wellbeing but also for your baby’s development.  In order for your body to function properly during child birth you need to be relaxed and free from fear.

You may wish to come for a two or three hours during which you learn breathing techniques, your birth preferences, what to expect and how best to manage your labour, labour and birth positions, release your fears (conscious or subconscious) through deep relaxation.  I am happy to show you some points on your feet which can help start your labour (if you are post due date) and keep it flowing. Perhaps you’d like to chat about breastfeeding.  Or you may wish to learn about the birth process and enjoy a visualisation of this in order to encourage a positive and confident mindset.  Perhaps you’d like to practise some yoga (unless you are new to yoga) followed by a birth preparation relaxation. It’s your choice..

A wonderful way to prepare for birth is by regularly using hypnosis / relaxation.  It will bring a state of calm

to you and your baby and will help to release fears and put you in a positive mindset for birth. Hypnosis for Childbirth is a 28 minute track which I have recorded and can be purchased from the Store page.



Prepare for Birth    Price    2 hour session £70 in your own home.

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