Pregnancy & Postnatal Yoga


What are the benefits of Pregnancy Yoga?

Mums to be are flocking to pregnancy yoga classes around the globe, and for good reason. A gentle practice not only tones and prepares the body physically and helps common ailments, but by calming the nervous system and reducing stress, it also does you a power of good mentally.

Coming to a class gives you the chance to relax and connect with your baby and make friends that could could well be your closest friends once your baby is born.

Other benefits may include:

  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Prepares the mother for birth by increasing strength, stamina, breathing, patience and acceptance
  • Informative birth education.
  • Optimal birth positioning
  • Helps improve lymphatic drainage and circulation


What are the benefits of Postnatal Yoga?

Postnatal yoga uses movement, balance and relaxation to allow
your body to recover from pregnancy and birth. It helps to heal the body and mind, and repair all
the tissues back to their former glory as well as strengthening the core and repairing any separation of the stomach muscles.

It is designed for mums with their babies and so incorporates the little ones into the practice, either using yoga asanas to keep the babies entertained, or holding the babies as part of the yoga itself.  We will even learn a few baby reflexology moves for calming and comforting your baby.

A class provides a space for the mother to rest, relax and bond with their baby as well as connect with other new mums.

Others benefits may include:

  • restores hormonal balance
  • eases pressure on the nervous system
  • increases strength
  • relieves back ache and tight shoulders
  • Provides rest and instant relaxation
  • Helps reduce anxiety and depression
  • Strengthens pelvic store and restores core strength
  • helps separation of the abdominal muscles
  • increases flexibility
  • provides support and aids bonding

Please check with your GP before attending a postnatal yoga class, this is usually after your 6 week check following a vaginal birth or after 12 weeks following a c section.

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